Mannargudi, India

Bio: I am a simple man behind Propel Steps, driven by my ambition to make changes to the educational setup and initiate a positive change in the society via a good educational system. With the learning from the professional experience I had earned from Human Resource Management, Academic Process Orientation and Training & Development, I've started Propel Steps as a simple blog and have risen it to the level of one of the top educational blogs in India; single handedly. I've tried, failed, restarted, won and then again failed and again pursuing the vision. "A good and a holistic education must be accessible to children from all economic backgrounds without any financial burden on their families." That's the destination I'm traveling towards. A few like minded souls have joined the journey. Yet, we need more people who think on the same line. Though the journey is challenging, we keep the fight on. We believe that "Our ambition can pause, rest a while, wait for the right moment, but it never quits"

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